Bunker Mate (Complete)

Artemis Vampire/Werewolf

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After being kidnapped Leigh's forced in a bunker and brain washed into believing the world has ended until her kidnapper brings another pregnant female.
They are forced to live in the bunker till its safe to go out. The kidnapper only goes after pregnant women. Living in a world of humans, vampire, and werewolves, he thinks he must kidnapper those women to keep the population of creatures from dying off.

After 4 years of being in the bunker Leigh her friends and their children finally get out what awaits Leigh and her group of captives


Tags: WerewolfAlphaKidnapPackPregnantOmegaDramaBxG
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For those who wanted to know i did make a spin off to bunker mate, Its Im Mated to my cousin. 

I know in some ways that cousins cant date in some parts of the world but in others its normal i dont want a bunch of hate comments im accepting of everyone so please no commenting rude things or whatever you have your own opinion but if its rude……