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In a world ruled by criminals, civilians live a shit life. A cook gets shot to death for saving a man's life and gets an audience with God.

“Civilians are humans too!” he complained.

As compensation, God shoved him into the body of Zen Taro - the Taro Family’s useless third young master.

Given the ability to learn at hyperspeed, Zen has to find a way to survive this crazy deathtrap of an academy. Armed with only his superior gaming, civilian common sense and cooking skills, watch him survive the crazy VR battle royale in true Zen Fashion.

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Rise of the Strongest Candidate

As Zen rolled the food trolley with Bolt and Yelena in tow. He thought about the few ways he could react to seeing everyone in the guild again. 

The first was to pretend that everything was alright and go back to that more playful atmosphere to lighten the serious mood. There was nothing wrong with lingering in the celebratory mood af……