The Blade Princess

Fatima Zaidi Royal Romance

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Liahna is the Princess of Kingdom of Silverlights. While she pretends to be the gentle and shy girl, she is secretly trained by her father over the years to be the wielder of the sword that can destroy true evil.
But everything falls into chaos when Liahna wakes up in a carriage filled with slave girls that will be sold in the market to the highest bidder.


Tags: ActionRevengeDarkBadboyKickass HeroinePowerfulPrincePrincessDramaGirlpowerContest
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It was summer and I could hear the chirping of the birds and the warm breeze of the noon as I swirled around in the courtyard. The shadow that danced with me was my only companion. I was forbidden to make friends. But it didn't matter too much. My time went by drowned in words and wars.

"I would like you to meet someone, Lia." My……