What The Hell Happened?


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"The kiss..." I trailed off, contemplating whether to keep going or just drop the subject forever. Bury it. But I might as well finish what I'd started. "Did you have to do it so intensely?"

"I thought you knew why I kissed you. To let your ex and his fiànce think that you've moved on."

"I know why you did it... but why did you have to make it seem so real? Like we were actually dating?"

He looked away at that, his chest rising and falling as his breathing quickened. He was struggling to get something off his chest too. "Ethan... it was real."


Jilted by his high-school sweetheart for his amnesiac ex-bestfriend and forced to move cities to avoid the scandal while battling with heartbreak, it's as clear as day that Ethan McKenzie is done with love.

Forced to put up with an obnoxious manager as a boyfriend in other to keep up his relevance in the music industry and protect a secret which threatens to ruin him for all he's worth, Gideon Finnicky never thought love possible.

Both are unlikely than alike in a whole lot of ways but will they manage to make things work, especially when there's a mix of exes, jealous boyfriends and depression which threathens to tear them apart?


Tags: dramatragedycomedysweethumorouslightheartedseriousStary Writing Academy IIIRise From The Ashes:King from NobodyInnovel Writing Contest——The Next BIG Name
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“Don't touch me.” I inclined my hand away from his hold. “We can't be best friends, Gideon. That's the worst of it all.”

Seemingly shocked by my words and my abrupt movement away from him, his hand stilled mid-air. “Ethan, please let me explain — ”

“Oh, I've heard enough, Gideon.” I interrupted him. “I know just what yo……


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