In The Cage Of Devil

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" Why? Why you didn't break your engagement with that bastard, why?" I am trembling so badly in his hand just like a leaf. He becomes an animal when he gets angry and today he is drunk, no one can save me from him, not even god. I am totally doomed, my throat becomes all dry after seeing the anger in his eyes. I tried to speak but I got a tight slap from him and I fell on the bed. He'll break my hand today.

"I gave you many hints, I always looked at you, I was yearning for your love, for your care but you never looked at me, love can be forgotten but love, at first sight, can't be forgotten, ( he thew the glass of scotch on the floor and I covered my ears, he looked at me with his red devil-like eyes ) now you'll suffer in that pain in which I was suffering because, of you," that devil said to me with so many emotions.

" Now you'll see my real side of mine, now you'll see what I'll do with you, now I'll tell you how I treat your kind of cheap s**t who destroy others homes," he said with dominating anger and I peed, yes a 25 years old girl peed in her clothes due to his fear, he has that effect on me.

I am crying, I am yelling, I am screaming but it's of no use. He is marrying me, so he can destroy me, he thought, I am a s**t, A w***e who is destroying his sister's life.

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Read on your own risk, there are no r**e senses but Mature content is used. If you are not comfortable then please don't open it.


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