Breaking My Mate

LuminousKee Vampire/Werewolf

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He stood up to his full height with a glare on his face. I cowered back he looked like a psychopath.

"Look this is how things are going to be. I have a girlfriend and I don't plan on breaking up with her and you will be fine with that."

"What? You cant do that were supposed to be mated."

"I don't want to be mated to a little ugly sh*t like you. I'm doing this for my pack."

That was a huge blow to my already low self esteem.

"I'm going to be your mate and I have rules for you to follow. Number 1, no talking back. What I say goes and you WILL agree to whatever I say. Number 2, you are mine meaning, I can have you whenever I want whether it be before the mating or after. Number 3." He stepped in front of me and yanked me up. "If I EVER see you talking or even looking at another male I'll kill the both of you. Do I make myself clear?"

I stood there shocked. He's nothing like the boy I met downstairs, he's a controlling douche.

"No you don't! You cant come here and tell me wha-" I was cut off by his hand going across my cheek. It hurt like a mother, I've never been hit before by anyone.

"Rule number 1, no talking back. Now do I make myself clear?"

"Y-Yes Alpha."

"Good." He rubbed my cheek. "See what you made me do."

Is he crazy? How is this my fault? He hit me. I didn't want to get hit again so I agreed.


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