The Devil's Cure

C.M. Celaje Vampire/Werewolf

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Her body was on fire. Her nerves trembled as if in need of something she had not experienced. She felt the heat run through every fiber of her body building up in her sex.

“Oooh,” she moaned as she felt something rubbing between her thighs. Yes... yes... that’s it I want more!

She tried to open her eyes, and when she finally did, she saw a pair of golden eyes intently looking at her.

In her foggy mind, she remembered him as the man she bumped into...

She tried to pull him closer to her, but he was gone in an instant.

The moment his body left hers, she felt a sudden chill. Then the fire burning inside her lit up again, making the heat and pressure building up in her sex unbearable.

Slowly, her hands slithered towards the spot between her legs. She rubbed over her panties in a circular motion. She let out a loud moan when she felt how good it was. Yes... this is what she needs...

But someone grabbed her hands away and pinned it above her head. She lazily opened her eyes again to see who it was—who dared to stop her newly found pleasure.

Again, she saw the man with the golden eyes. She smiled. “Why are you stopping me, Mister Pervert? I need to release this heat... I’m burning...”

“Let me do it for you. With your inexperience, you will only end up hurting yourself.” He whispered in his deep sexual voice.

He became a vampire through a failed experiment, while she was supposed to be nothing but a tool brought to life to be his cure.
What happens when they fall in love?


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