Demon's Height

Simpletelly Historical Romance

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Liorn, King of Fawn always wanted one thing, to have a family. One that would love him and cherish each other. He marries a neighboring kingdom's daughter, the enchanting and beautiful, Melinia. After hitting her prime age he's decided he will do whatever it takes to have her as his Queen. Of course he doesn't know that her heart belongs to another and that she is terrified of him. He also never knew that he'd have a hard decision to make, and that would be if he wants to save his Kingdom or save his Queen as obstacles block him from what he never had.


Tags: DarkArranged MarriageRoyaltyKingQueenDramaTragedyBxG
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Chapter 28

Chapter 28

Her eyes even if they were both dying, her eyes were still like crystals. Crystals of brown and green, some specs of gold. "Li-liorn" Melinia closed her eyes and choked, blood spurting from her lips. Liorn couldn't help it. Tears started to roll down his own face. 'I am so sorry" he hoarsely swallowed tow……