The Popstar's Secret Love


Zaennah Alizsen Romance

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Lizanna is a young coffee shop owner. Her parents died in a car crash when she was very young and she was forced to stay in an orphanage. Without her parents and other relatives, she did not know her origins and more importantly, she did not know that his paternal grandfather was a CEO of a company.

Despite her tragic past, she lived a normal and quiet life until she met Chadwell. He is a young, gorgeous, and fashionable man and is a member of a pop boyband named "X-cellent."

Unknown to Lizanna, she met Chad when she was in her teens. He knows her but she doesn't. Now, he is a famous popstar but has secrets.

After meeting Lizanna, Chad fell in love with her. Will Chad reveal who he is? Will this result in true love?


Tags: arrogantpopstarsweetbxgmysterycityfirst lovesecretsgorgeouspassionateDreame Love Story Contest
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Zannah ran as fast as she could through the light rain. She didn’t care if she got wet. She just wanted to run away from him. But no matter how fast she tried to run, he seemed to be gaining on her faster than she expected. With his long legs, he could easily catch up with her.

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