Married to Gangster

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In this world gang members can come in every way, shape, or form. Whether they are arms dealers, drug smugglers, female, hitmen, or family men, they still can brand the title gangster.

Eleanor Shield's is ordered to pay her fathers debts by moving to Italy and marrying the alarmingly elusive Francesco DeLuca. Just by name this man sounds dangerous and Eleanor is already unsure as to what she is getting herself into. What she was expecting was a disgustingly fat man who was so hideous that he had to buy a wife. She wasn't expecting a man with oozing charm and the body and face of a God.

Francesco has issues with cops. Francesco has issues with trust. Francesco has issues with family. The LAST thing he needed on his already full plate was another issue. After the betrayal of his brother Francesco becomes a recluse and focusing only on gaining power. But when he realizes the only way to stay safe from a short list of suspects is to get married, Francesco has to add a few more things to his problems.


Tags: PossessiveContract MarriageLove after MarriageArranged MarriageArrogantBadboyGoodgirlKickass HeroineMafiaGangster
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Hello Everyone, Sequel Is Up Now

Hello you all, I just wanted to let you know that the sequel to this book has now been uploaded onto my page, it is called Deluca and it is all of the events from this book but they all take place in Francesco point of view, there's a lot of detail you miss when reading in Eleanor's point of view. Updates will be every Monday, I hope you love it……