The Mafia Loves Me.. OMG (Book I of the Brancaccio)

Yui Ismutomo Romance

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Eowyn is an ordinary girl who works as a waitress never knew that one night in a cafe will turn her life upside down after she rescued a man from bullet.
Aiden, the leader of The Genosees Mafia in Italy. The people and the cops know him as death himself went to Florida to find his enemy, one who ran away with his money, didn't expect to be rescued by a girl from a bullet on the night he arrived n the states. One simple action make her life full of danger because it put her on spot since Aiden is known to had no woman beside him which makes her a target. Everyone from thugs, gangs and mafia's are following her and bringing her life in danger to get him. In a way to protect her, Aiden found something more about the girl, something that make his heart beating for the first time.
Different life and a dangerous love.
What will happen to them ?


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