The Imprisoned Heart

Leslie J. Wilcox Historical Romance

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Nick has been charged and convicted of a murder he didn’t commit; he is going to hang unless a miracle happens. His prayers are answered in the form a short and scared woman called Danica.
Under the town charter Danica can stay Nick’s execution if he marries her and agrees to spend one year as her husband. Nick readily agrees to marry Danica, finding her sweet and kind despite the many scars she carries. What starts out as a marriage of convenience turns to friendship and love as Nick and Danica come to know each other. But a mad man is after Danica, the man responsible for damaging her face and body wants her as his own and will kill to keep her.
Nick also has a past that threatens their life together. Can Nick save Danica from her stalker, can he overcome his past and can he look past her marred face to see the beauty inside Danica? Can two damaged and lonely people find a forever love, or will the past stand in their way?


Tags: ActionAdventureContract MarriageKidnapLove after MarriageCountrysideFriends to LoversGoodgirlDramaTragedy
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Chapter Five

Chapter Five



Nick had enjoyed the thick steak and seasoned potatoes. Danica hadn’t lied about having a good cook and the wine served with it had been perfect. Nick poured himself a fourth glass then topped off Danica’s glass before she could protest.

Nick relaxed by a good meal and sever……