Sex, Teenage Lies and Painful Crushes

_Rebbie_18 Teen fiction

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16-year-old Nancy has one thing on her mind, Aiden, the boy shes loved since she was 14 and now her hearts just broken as her sister claims him just like that!
But Nancy doesn't let everything go that easily.
She's got a few tricks up her sleeve and what's the first thing she does?
Make the bastard jealous!!
But this time, Nancy landed herself in deeper trouble, things happen when you're in love and life changes when you're heart splits in two for two completely​ different people. How do you handle one crush when he's dating your sister? So how on earth are you supposed to handle two?! Let along faking, lying and sex is part of them all?!


Tags: Love-triangleSecond ChanceFriends to LoversArrogantBadboyGentleBitchComedyBxG
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His hands took their time, his lips wrapping around every surface of skin humanly possible. Evening out his weight above me, Chase moved on hand down to the rim of my shirt, fondling it for a few moments as if waiting to see if this was really something I wanted before it disappeared up my shirt, his fingers brushing my skin gently pausing just ……