Light and Night: Across Two Worlds


Glow Peridote Fantasy

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When Night People, The Mighty Mahaa Race, was almost extinct and hunted as an object of research, Aya had to escape and learn to become The Leader to end the endless suffering and bloody wars.

“We must KILL their Leader! We must KILL Aya! They are the Night People! Their superpower can kill us all, Light People!”

"What a fool!" said Prince White while standing still beside Aya full of faith.

Aya smiled full of confidence as she faced those who were scared of her. "I am not a Light People nor a Night People. I am a descendant of Light and Night. I am both! To end this endless bloody war, I will unite this world with my own hands!"

And all of them were blinded by an extremely bright burst of green light.



Tags: adventureroyalty/noblesuperherotwistedmulti-charactermagical worldhigh-tech worldweak to stronglonelyWriting AcademyStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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Chapter 191: White Preparation

White visited Bondan at Pullau Villa. As a medical researcher, Bondan contributed to creating many discoveries of innovative medicines as a medical researcher. Since Aya's birth, Bondan had researched a lot using Mahaa blood and Aya's energy.

White realized that Bondan also had a goal similar to that of Ayunda Devi, which was to find new m……


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