Love me, daddy

Mia Romance

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Book 1: Teach me, daddy

[ You need to read book 1 in order to understand this ]

Sassy little Maria enters Limelight boarding school for girls once again along with o other girls, Monica and Amber. The bond beeen Maria and James, the headmaster of the school has been weakened by other women. Will she be able to seize his heart again?

In order to keep his head high, James will have to listen to all his tructions delivered from his evil father and at the same time, he has to protect Maria from him. Will he be able to do that? Or will he lose Maria to his father?

Will contain more brutal and detailed scenes, please continue reading on your own risk!


Tags: BDSMdarkforbiddensexspankingDDLGdramatwistedbxg
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