Darker than love

Pam O\'Hara Fantasy

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Drama, I thought my mundane teenage life had it's fair share, boy was I wrong. In just two years my entire life would be flipped upside down and hell would freeze over. I went from troubled teen to future Queen of the underworld, and this is my story.


Tags: AdventureDarkPossessiveOpposites AttractDominantPowerfulWarriorRoyaltyGangsterFantasy-Romance Contest
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Meeting Him

It was as if someone had hit slow motion on the remote of my life as I sat completely horrified as my beautiful now totaled 2002 Pontiac fire-bird the once glossy red paint now shredded like a cats toy. The once pristine white picket fence lay in shreds under my tires. Dogs and humans alike were barking furiously at my brother and I as he sat fr……