The Devil's Mistress

Shreya Chakraborty Suspense/Thriller

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Calysta--- was an unspoken prayer. But she herself did not know that. Haunted by the death of her mother the greatest musician of the century returns back home to be swept up in something dark and sisnister which she had no idea about.

But who is she to underestimate the destiny which had been decided before her birth?

She is the one who is fated to be the Mistress of the Devil...


Tags: ParanormalRevengeKarma/DestinyGoodgirlWitchMillionairessDarkDreame2019BxGBxBGxG
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Chapter 3

As Nina left the room Calysta went up to get freshened in the attached bath. She opened the tap and splashed water on her face tying her hair back in a messy bun. As she finished rinsing her face and stood up straight to see herself in the mirror she saw her mother standing behind her with a knife in her hand poised above her with the intention ……