Kidnapper's Regret

Mahi786 Romance

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How it feels when your life is already like a hell and in the midst, you are kidnapped because of the demons you live with.

Let the soul rest in peace.........

"Please.. Let us go, we don't have anything to offer... I am just a baker in small cafe and my babies never would do anything to offend you nor anyone" Emerald begged her babies kidnapper unknown to the fact that she is been trapped too

"Awww, Don't feel like you have nothing to offer, look at you anyone would like to have you...Let's come straight to the point, I will give you o options... I hope you will choose wisely" Ronaldo spoke in her ears making her shiver

"One be my surrogate and i will let you and your brats go and o if you don't agree than forget these brats and i will have my way with you" he says winking with a cunning smile on his face, points his g*n at her babies and shoots

"Mamaaaaa........ " hearing her babies screams, Emerald tries to snatch his g*n and stop him but faints

What will Emerald do with the turn of events taking place and making her life upside down...will she fight for herself, try to sustain it or give up???

Want to know more... than go ahead and join their journey


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