Let me love you

Gabriëlla Curls Romance

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I was disgusted with myself. Why did I touch her?
She didn't give me a second glance.
"Such an ass". I curse through gritted teeth.

I am supposed to be a smooth talker.
Wrapping all woman around my finger.

At least, that's what i am in my latest movie.
In real life though, i'm not so smooth.

You will not find me in bed for a one night stand.
And the women i dated, i could see myself building a family with.

I treat women with respect, as my mother taught me.
But with Nova, it was as if my brain had a short circuit.

Why couldn't i control myself .
Her heartbreaking eyes haunt me day and night.

I need to see her. Talk to her, apologize and if needed beg. This is the woman i have been searching for. I'm sure of it.


Hope you enjoy the story.
I apologize for grammatical mistakes.
This is my first story, so please feel free to comment, so i can improve my writing skills


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Nova's p.o.v

"Angel, let me love you."

He says it with a voice sweet as honey. And before I can think, his lips brush mine again. I close my eyes and let myself get carried away by his gentle approach. The way his fingers caress my neck and his other hand massages my thigh.

My hands don't react at all and he noticed it too. ……