Let me love you

Gabriëlla Curls Romance

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I was disgusted with myself. Why did I touch her?
She didn't give me a second glance.
"Such an ass". I curse through gritted teeth.

I am supposed to be a smooth talker.
Wrapping all woman around my finger.

At least, that's what i am in my latest movie.
In real life though, i'm not so smooth.

You will not find me in bed for a one night stand.
And the women i dated, i could see myself building a family with.

I treat women with respect, as my mother taught me.
But with Nova, it was as if my brain had a short circuit.

Why couldn't i control myself .
Her heartbreaking eyes haunt me day and night.

I need to see her. Talk to her, apologize and if needed beg. This is the woman i have been searching for. I'm sure of it.


Hope you enjoy the story.
I apologize for grammatical mistakes.
This is my first story, so please feel free to comment, so i can improve my writing skills


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