More Than What He Seems

Kelly Brackett Romance

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Aura had, from a very young age, been told she was chosen to be the bride of a fallen angel. Until she turned five and was taken from her cultist mother and placed in foster care. Finally breaking free of that, now she's just a socially awkward, shy person that everyone usually avoids, that is, until she finally decides to start talking with The_Shining_One.

His gaze never wavered; no shock appeared on his face. It was as though his eyes were doing all they could to devour me. I swallowed thickly as the waitress brought back my cake and coffee before disappearing again. More than anything, I wanted to break his intense gaze, but I could not bring myself to. It felt as though we were the only o in the entire coffee shop, despite the fact that we were surrounded on all sides by people.
“Is that so?” He asked, his eyes looking positively wicked. “I don’t think I’ve heard of that. Who was this fallen angel she was supposed to have had s*x with?”
“Um…are you sure you want to talk about this?” I replied, feeling the eyes of others on us. “I doubt this is the kind of conversation people usually have in public.”
“Then…should we move somewhere quieter?” My eyes widened at the look in his eyes before I finally broke my gaze away. “Aura?”


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