*Coming Soon* Fair Verona: A Billionairess

J. L. Smith NewAdult

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"I'm looking for Verona Caruso." His bright eyes pierced through mine. Shutting the briefcase he had entered with, he slid a business card across the counter.
"I'm Verona," I stuttered. "How can I help you?"
He looked me up and down, his eyes lingering along the way, revealing his approval. Clearing his throat before he spoke, explained, "I'm Xander Mancuso, the executor of your grandfather's will. Proving that you are his only living relative, you will become his sole heir."
Gaping at him, I swiped the hair back from my face. What? I thought my grandfather had died when I was little? That's what my mom had always told me. Who was this man? What had my mom hid from me? Why did he make me feel the way that I did?


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