The Blind Valiant


The Chronicler Fantasy

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Kyrillos returns to the city of Marrąk, his birthplace on order of his father Lord Manfri Mortimer as part of the summons issued to the rest of the family after the slaughter of their family friends, the Demezieres family at the hands of the active Fell rebellion. Kyrillos has been having nightmares and sleep terrors he cannot explain for the last few weeks leading up to his return.
On the night of the Alrudha gala where he wishes to profess his love to Louscha, the princess of Halgiers whom he had spent the past year at her family’s province. Instead he discovers that she’s to be his father’s new bride, just as an attack by the Kinship is brought upon the Reliquary, their home. With his death at the hands of Anduin a notorious rebel he discovers his life as a Mortimer is not what he had long believed it to be. That his true self and real identity, an immortal dark god had been captured during the Deluge but not slain like the rest of his kin. Instead has been caged within layers and layers of a curse that stripped him of both his memories of his former life as well as the awareness of it. All at the hands of Lavinia Mortimer who had sought to harness the power of a god. Kyrillos has become an inheritance passed on from one successor of Lavinia to next, the dark curse altered and recast to grant him new identities and memories. Now he must journey as hostage, friend and confidant with his murderer to find answers of who he truly is and what the burning need to find what remains of his past self.


Tags: powerfulwitch/wizardwarriorbisexualdeitymagical worldspecial abilitymultiple personalitymxmFantastic Life Writing Contest
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They trotted quietly through the second part of Kabwe and entered it cautiously, after viewing the masses of slaves working tirelessly under supervision by overseers and their pronged whips.

Kyrillos had seen the people naked brown under the stifling heat, muscles strained and skin scarred as a result of being the brutalized workforce of……


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