The angle and devil love souls

HideyCakes Science Fiction

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"I can't do this this is wrong. This is wrong Dominick. I can''t do this to God this is bad." I said pushing him away from me. "But...." He said with a frown I don't think anyone has ever rejected him. "You know what your right this shouldn't be happening." He walked out his living room. I sigh. 'this harder then I thought' I thought.
Mia an 21 year old human who has lived in her normal life ever since she he parents died in an accident she had to keep he life going. Until she and her best friend Layla had an accident and didnd make it. She get into this world in heaven where she is an angle inheaven. God tells he she has to look somewhere in the world of "Hell" where she has to meet Dominick the ruler King of the hell world. The both maybe different but their souls have something connected to each other.


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