Loving you again

Amrutha Nori Romance

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If anyone asked Savannah Lane'What is love?' She would smile at them and say.... "love is having his arms around me... his face buried in my hair...his lips on my neck.. his deep enchanting voice... his captivating smile... his sharp yet gentle gaze... overall she will say love is HIM."

Caught in the past , finding her way through the present, writing her own future.

Savannah steps into New York, leaving behind everything just in a small hope of forgetting what is love, Fighting over the memories.. of HIM and the pain which they bring every time.

What happens when she sees him after three years? Not only to know that everything about him was a lie but also he doesn't even remember the time with her.


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Chapter 28

It was just a quiet affair - Savannah and Liam's wedding. One day they were off to visit Momo's grave and the next day they had their wedding bands and marriage registration.

Alex Campbell didn't like it but he was quite because that was their decision. It was a shock to everyone, Sharon had to take deep breaths. Chris chuckled while Savvy……