When You Came In My Life

Yashvi Chadha Romance

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A ruthless, merciless businessman by day, a playboy by night. This is the reputation, that precedes Daniel Rodriguez.
Known as America's most eligible bachelor, and one of New York's most known player, he doesn't care for the opinion of others. He lives his life; the way he wants to. With too much money to spend and too many women begging for his attention, his life seems perfect unless his father gives him the ultimatum.

On another hand, being an orphan, Emily finds it hard to survive in this cruel world. She is a staff cleaner in Rodriguez Worldwide, working hard and still could hardly make ends meet.
Until one day everything changes,
When Daniel presents her with a contract,
Offering her one million dollars,
For pretending to be his Fiancé.
But with fate's helping hand, Emily Wright goes from his fake fiancée to his fake wife, with an altar, all too real.
Will they be able to survive it? Or will they both end up losing everything?


Tags: BillionairePossessiveContract MarriagePlayboyArrogantGoodgirlCEODramaTwistedBxG
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39. Mother’s Love


Next day, I wake up with Daniel’s arms around me. After our kiss session, we both get quickly ready with our things packed, as we all are going back to New York today because of Joseph’s health condition.

After a quick breakfast, we all leave including Aiden and his father.

After our three-hour ride, we all reach the Rodr……