Three is the Charm

Kholo Maenetsha LGBT+

1975 reads

(Warning: 1*+)

Finding a place to belong is hard for Abby - no one seems to understand him or love him the way he wants. He'd let himself fall for Baile his therapist thinking he'll understand his needs and abnormal desires, but that got him nowhere when Baile rejected him like all the other men who got a glimpse of how deep his abnormal desires ran.
Now, he has no choice but to visit The House (an establishment that catered for those who seek illicit pleasure...) there he can let his sick desires run wild.
But something unexpected happens at the house, he find Him...the man who shattered his world and managed to put him back together. But it's not enough, Abby want more, and he can't stop thinking of Baile and his mysterious man...
Can Abby finally get what he always wanted...the love of o men?


Tags: forbiddensexpolyamorysensitivetwinkmxm
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