The Marriage Of Revenge

Yashvi Chadha Romance

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Myra, a kind-hearted girl with big dreams and a bachelor’s degree in business administration, was already engaged after being in a six-month-old relationship but it all took one accident that broke her engagement.
Myra’s life took a huge turn when due to some circumstances she had to marry Raymond Knight.
Raymond Knight, also known as RK, an arrogant, ruthless, businessman who trapped Myra in his web to take revenge from her.
Betrayal, lies, twists- everything that Myra never thought she would experience in her life.
How much she suffers when RK makes her ‘his forced wife’?
Will this ‘Marriage of Revenge’ turn into love or will RK win in taking revenge and destroying Myra?


Tags: BillionairePossessiveContract MarriageArrogantManipulativeBadboyGoodgirlDramaTwistedBxG
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53. Myra Vents Out Her Feelings

Third Person POV

Myra then went towards the police and sternly told them, “He is my father and came here to meet me. You don’t have to inquire about him. Go and find the attacker instead of wasting your time here.”

The inspector apologized, “I’m sorry ma’am. I didn’t know he was your dad. We will soon catch the attacker, don’t worry.……