One Mischievous Night


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Levi is a lonely man finding his true self out of encountering a serious situation where he happens to meet a mystery man out of having a one night stand. Luckily, after having his several job interviews Levi finally got a job from Lux corporation that is currently owned by Jaxon Drews.

Somehow out of curiosity and past job experiences, Levi will meet Jaxon who will someday change his life and perspective forever as Jaxon happens to be the man he wasn't expecting to see.

The question is: Can Levi find his true love from having gender issues? Will Jaxon happily accept him?

Let's find out!


Tags: forbiddenone-night standCEObxboffice/work placeLGBT+ Writing ContestSupreme Me Fiction Writing Contest
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~ Thirty Three ~

"What should I do? What should I do? Should I tell Levi the truth? I'm so screwd!" Robin thought in mind while going to the restroom with Levi on his back.

He's actually very nervous about Levi's sudden actions that Robin kept on shaking visibly.

Well, the thing is Levi knew right away it was Robin who entered his office when he saw ……