Jaguar Moon

Rhea Lindsey Paranormal

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Layla was not your average seventeen year old girl, she was a little, five foot o vigilante known as the kitten, sneaking off in the night to protect women from dangerous men. Moving and acting like a cat, she slipped into and out of the night, that is until she broke into the wrong warehouse and had to be rescued by wolves, who took her back to be healed, where she meets the Wildwood pack Alpha, Axel.
She soon finds herself wrapped up in a bigger mystery and surprising destiny, of love, redemption, strength, and a jaguar! Come along on her adventures to see what's in store for this little hero.


Tags: fatedopposites attractkickass heroineprincessdramaWriting ChallengebxgkickingpackGirlpower Revenge Writing Contest
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