Vampire's Love

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For Elysse, life is going great until she turns 18. Elysse feared this day her entire life, for it's time to face them like so many womans in her family did in the past. She has to attend the RELIVE ,the annual ceremony that were held grandly for only the pureblood none than the Mitchell Cruz Starc. Not only he was famous for his hot looks but also his temper well known to the vampires and the humans.
Now, it was time for him to chose his keeper and Elysse silently hopes it's not her. But what happens if he choose her?
Does the human really has a chance against the vampire?


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Creepy Victor

“Get off me!” I snapped with the last ounce of courage I had and pushed Mitchell off my body. He stood up, his face unfazed from everything that just happened and I wiped away my tears before glaring at him in hatred.
“How could you-”
“Do you feel better?” he interrupted with a mumble and I stopped to think for a minute. “Your fever shou……