My Mate That I Don't Want

Shaynie Vampire/Werewolf

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I know love.
I know what it does to you.
I also know where it leads you.
I know love only brings destruction.
I have been there and suffered through the trauma it brought.
I had to deal with the consequences.
I may tell you I love you, but it’s all a lie.
I will never break the promise I made that fateful day.

Words cannot begin to describe how painful it is to lose the single most important person in your life. So I promised myself that no one was going to feel my love again, I enclosed my self from the brutal feeling. Besides the three people I have left, I cannot say I love anyone.
I just started university, hoping for a fresh start. That will be good for me, right? But after my first class, I’m not so sure. That’s when I met him. That’s the day he started going against all my morals. And even though I never let him close, I always find myself making up excuses for his actions. I find myself debating with myself because love and hate turned out to not be that different as I first thought.


(This story is only edited with Grammarly so please excuse any grammatical mistakes as English isn't my first language.)


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Chapter thirtysix: Who is that?


I woke up to find the bed empty. The only thing that indicated that Jeremy had even been here at all was the fact that his pillow was still wrinkled and squeezed. 

I smiled thinking of how I’d woken up at around four am and found that I was engulfed in his arms. I had thought about waking him up……