My Mate That I Don't Want

Shaynie Paranormal

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Words cannot begin to describe how painful it is to lose the single most important person in your life. So when I was forced to get to know that feeling I promised myself that no one was going to feel my love ever again. Better that then having to go through that sorrow again, feeling your heart shatter at the thought of that person. Therefore I cannot say I love anyone but the three people I have left.
I just started university, hoping for a fresh start. That will be good for me, right? But after my first class, I’m not so sure. That’s when I met him. That’s the day he started going agat all my morals. And even though I never let him close, I always find myself making up excuses for his actions. I find myself debating with myself because love and hate turned out to not be that different as I first thought.



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