The Alpha King and His Human Mate


Tita Fantasy

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Alicia Smith 22, a sweet naive girl who knows nothing about the cruelty of the world ahead of her.

James Lucas Luther King 24, Alpha who rule all Alphas in werewolf world.... He needs his mate's help to rule with him but he doesn't want any mate but a she-wolf stronger than most warriors is the one who deserves to is his Luna....... James changes women like clothes, but he doesn't know what moon goddess has in store for him

Alicia was tough to love and respect others... What will happen if her world collapse with a handsome strange who might or might not be a werewolf...not any wolf but the Alpha king himself.....

Follow them to their mixed worlds... And find out if there will be a happy ending....


Tags: billionairepossessivelove after marriagesecond chancearrogantdramacomedybxgroyalweak to strongRebirth Fiction Writing ContestYoung Adult Fiction Writing Contest ⅡWerewolf/Billionaire LGBT+ Writing Contest Ⅱ
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So bored

Alicia POV

After calling Amber I went out of my hotel room and took the elevator down.

Once outside I took a taxi and there was this girl standing there waiting for a taxi. She approached me and asked if I could give the cab, that she is late for her meeting and her boss will kill her if she is late.