Love Me Like you do

Sailover Deep Romance

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The online Love story of Trisha a small-town Indian girl with Simbu who studying a Pilot course in New Zealand. This story is all about their Love and Romance.

*****Video call****

He is staring at me without a blink but not at all talking anything.

what are you staring at?

He said “you”

I smiled and asked what.

He asked me why did you change your blue dress.

I said I’m going to sleep that’s why I changed into my PJs.

Mm, can you put your hair a little back? It’s hiding me your view.

I smiled and put my hair back and asked what view?

He said your curves.

I smiled and moved my gaze away from him.

He called my name in low voice Trisha.

I said yes.

Why don’t you talk about something and divert me.?

I asked Diverting from what?

From your body from my mood swings and my lusty thoughts, he said in a low voice.

I opened my eyes wide because of his honest acceptance.


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