Mistakenly Forgotten

Amna Riaz Romance

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Lucas Santiago is world's biggest money laundering boss. He is suave, self-absorbed and manipulative and loves his life full of guns, fights, designer clothing and women.

The thirty-four years old, hot shot, valorous lord of world’s largest money laundering mafia, that knew of only o things in his life. Guns and Women. And also… alcohol and his business. So basically, four things.

When his armory deal in New York is raided by the commissioner, he orders his men to kidnap the commissioner's daughter, a day before her wedding.

As a confusion, tead of the bride, her cousin, Arya Scott gets abducted.

Arya Scott is a beautiful, brown headed, witty girl, who has excellent combat skills. But her only flaw is her memory, as she suffers from Amnesia.

Taking advantage of her memory loss, Lucas uses Arya by making her believe that she is his spy agat the Gordon family and makes him work for her.

He makes her, his human war machine, while leading to adventures where she starts picking back the pieces of her memories.

Fighting enemies, mafias, wars and gangs; the fire within Arya clashes with the ice within Lucas's heart.

He is no hero but a scheming villain, while she is the hero everyone deserves.

How will this no good versus no bad combination blend and ignite the fire beeen the o?

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