Love At First Sight/ Dangerous Love

Deborah C Romance

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Heavenlee lost her parents when she was 13. She lived with her uncle and his tramp for a week. He took everything from her.
She met a homeless man name Victor. He introduced her to underground fighting.
The last night that she was fighting, she saw the man of her dream. Carlisle Manzo. He was so handsome and rich.
The problem was he didn't know she was alive. She was 15 at the time. He was in his early twenties.
It has six years since she saw him. Tonight due to something that happen at her school, she seens him again.


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Are you nervous man? Al said looking at Carlisle

Carlisle is putting his pants on to his tix. 

Their wearing matching white Tom Ford Base Peak Lapel tuxedo.  Matched with lilac  color bow ties and lilac and white boutonnieres.

No, I told you that first night. I was going to marry her. Carlisle said smiling