The Rejection


Neha Kanade Romance

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The happy couple who is about to get married accidently met with one woman, who does not seem normal and is in the state of need of help. The couple helps her in amidst their wedding and gets to know about one not so common and illegal work her family has been doing for centuries and the secret about their abundant wealth.
The cave which holds so many secrets in it, and is manmade and is the reason of respect, power and money the family of stranger girl gets. It has many floors and each has different entrances and the fifth floor has entrance which is not yet found by any live person yet, and that holds maximum diamond in it.
The couple is not so much interested in the money of her family but are noble and genuine and wants to just help one poor lady whose husband had gave her so many scars and hard life. After their marriage they start a journey along with one of the groom’s best man. Journey to village from where the stranger girl belongs.
The story consists of different lives; people live in city from the people live in village. The journey has so many incidents in it and makes you remember about your favorite road trip, and those who have not been, it will make you want to go in one.
When they finally reach the destination and try to find the fifth floor, they come across many difficulties which they had never thought of. Till end it makes you wonder whether they will find it or not and if will, who will get to own it at the end. At the end irony will make you want to go in the novel and change the ending of the story. But destiny always makes its own way and follows it.


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