The Princess And Her Alpha Bodyguard


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“I’ll help you avenge your fiancé. But I have one condition,” said Valdemar.

Laelia rolled her eyes, thinking that this handsome, red-haired Alpha king is no different from all other Alphas who always chase after her. “You want me to be your queen, right? Fine. I’ll accept it.”

“No.” He turned around. “I want you to be my servant.”



Laelia (Lae) is the only princess of the Zariya Kingdom. The king, queen, and her siblings all adored her because she is the only female family member. However, her pampered and perfect life completely changes one night when she witnesses a big fire burning down her castle and takes the lives of all her siblings. When she runs to find help, she is shocked to see her fiance, Prince Ivory, killed both her parents in the throne room. Iory locked her down in the dungeon, wanting to use her as the puppet queen. However, she managed to break out.

As she escapes, Lae is chased by a group of soldiers. It forces her to enter a forbidden part of the forest that no one dares to trespass. Not long after she steps into the territory, something grabs her legs and squeezes her torso until she loses consciousness.

When she comes around, a tall guy in long, red hair claims to be her rescuer and the king of a kingdom she has never known. He is wearing a mask, revealing only his crimson eyes, but it is enough to emit the dominant power. The mysterious king agrees to help her avenge her family and takes back her kingdom.

But he has a strange condition.

Will a spoiled princess like Lae swallow her pride and agree to the term? Will she regret her choice when another mysterious Alpha bodyguard gives her a better offer?

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The Princess and Her Alpha Bodyguard is a royal-themed werewolf book inspired by Dreame Royal Romance Contest. 

Please note that this my first time writing a werewolf book. If I make any mistake, please be lenient with me. Feel free to comment and correct me. I always respect const……