Creatures of the Dark

Stella Purple Paranormal

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(Book #2 of The Creatures Series)

Being a part of a big family is a hard thing. Being a part of the outcast group is harder. But being a part of something dark is.... terrifying.

Although her everyday life is considered peaceful and happy, Centry knows that she is different from the rest of her family. She feared that this discovery will lead to bad things. That’s why she always tries to hide it. But how long can she keep holding it until the darkness inside her finally reveals itself?

In this tale, happy smiles hold dark secrets within.


Tags: DarkWizardWitchBxG
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Twentieth Dark

Twentieth Dark

Creatures of the Dark

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##### Twentieth Dark #####


Life won’t survive without making a few enemies.

Even a kappa could be venomous when needed. It was my fault to underestimate the possibility for vengeance.……