His Blue Moon Princess

Jenny Fox Vampire/Werewolf

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Nora just wants to survive. Her own brother betrayed her in the worst way possible, her pack despises her. She's on her own and helpless.

But how come her last and only chance at life turns out to be... an even more dangerous mate? The Black brothers are cruel, merciless and their Blood Moon Clan is the most powerful of all.

Meeting Him on that one rainy night might change her whole life...

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"How have you been feeling, dear?" 

Granny Ariadna is still the same, sweet and gentle. I smile back at her and nods. She takes notes as she examines me, but I feel fine. 

"I've been fine. I do feel a bit tired when I exercise for too long, but otherwise, my legs don't feel so heavy anymore, I can stand for a lo……