Midnight Runaway

Astros Birta Vampire/Werewolf

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Esme was woken up by the feeling that something was wrong and her wolf Ava gave her the reason why.
Heart broken, grieving and broken down in every way, she runs away not knowing where she is going but that she needed to get away.

"You have to help me! You have to break the bond!" I yell at the witch standing in front of me.
"I already told you that it takes a hell of a stronger witch than me to break a fully mated mate bond between wolves."
The witch turned away from me and walked back into the shop, I rub my head but then I have to rub my heart. I have to be free of this! There has to be a way!
I have been running for about a month now and I feel sick, tired, broken and the hollow shell of myself.

Follow Esme on her journey! She will face some hard things but hopefully she is going the right way towards her happiness.


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Chapter 19.

When I wake up I am laying in my bed in my old room, it is dark outside so I am not sure how long I have been asleep. I am in a big t-shirt and shorty shorts from my closet but I don't recognize the shirt. 

“So you are awake?” I hear from the other side of the room. 

I sit up in the bed looking at Ellen putting her book dow……