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Kaleen makers Justin (AKA Sandman) in a nightclub in town where he works the o stroke up a relationship and she puts her boyfriend Mark behind her as she falls for him , but he is not all he seems or she is led to believe. As the time goes on she will see his true self will She survive within his claws who’s are firmly gripped her and her cash.
“Am I blind?
Can I see?
Owe, my head hurts
Where am I?
I can’t breathe, there’s no air, so thin.”

She thought trying to move even though whatever he’d rapped round her wrists was rubbing worse now the pain excruciating she could feel a slight grittiness beeen her teeth, she spat “Ewe sand.’‘Shit what’s he done?’ she thought.
She heard thudding coming from above her he was placing more sand on top of her and patting it down. .

‘You’ll never get out alive!’
“Shit he’s making me into an Egyptian tomb. So hot in here , Suffocating. Soon I’ll be dead if not from dehydration, but from sand clogging my arteries. Making it hard for me to breath” she thought.
“I’ve got to get out of here, how can I whatever he’s wrapped round is really tight, wait a minute of course my pen knife if I can just reach into my pocket and grab it.”


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    Nine months had passed, it had been nearly a year since Kaleen and Candice had last seen Sandman and Ice.   They had received visiting orders to go and see them.  Phoenix and Ashleigh were six months old now it would be there first time ever that they’d come face to face with their dad’s it was Sa……