The Only Blood

MinnieMeenyMinyMoe Vampire/Werewolf

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After reigning for two centuries, the Alpha King, Adrian 'Wolfe', finally found his real Luna Queen - someone he hadn't expected to find in the entirety of his lifetime. But now that he did, he couldn't find the true happiness that usually comes along with finding your soulmate.

He already had a Queen - and she was pregnant.

It wasn't everyday that Moon Winters came across mouth watering, deliciously handsome men with an equally mouth watering and musky scent around them. But this particular man attracted her just the way a flame drew in a moth.

Considering herself an average woman with high ambitions, she never thought one man would turn around her life in such a way, that she had to force her eyes open to look at the world she belonged to.

But then, he could never be hers. He already had his Queen; someone who had taken her place.

And that was when she had realised that her whole life was a lie.

A fucking lie.


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Chapter Twenty One

Mature Scene in the second part of the chapter; read at your own risk babies.


My world tilted on its axis.

Surely, she was lying. I was told, by none other than my own wolf that I would shift only when I needed my wolf and my PureBlood the most. That phenomenon was ……