Fated to love you


Purplegarden Romance

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Aubrey is a cheerful and loving girl who has enough love for everyone around her.

On Aubrey's first day in college she bumped into Jake the school's arrogant bad boy and fell in love with him at first sight even after finding who Jake really is, she still loved him for him.

Jake the University perilous bad boy, who has little to no emotion is a cold hearted devil, who doesn't care who dies or who lives. He has dark secrets which derives him from feeling love towards anyone.

Will the walls Jake built around himself over the years crumble after meeting Aubrey?

Will Aubrey melt Jake's cold heart or is this going to an unrequited love?

Let's find out!😘


Tags: second chancearrogantstudentgangstertwistedsweeticywittyrealistic earthschool
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He came back

Aubrey's POV

I do not know how long I cried for but one thing I know is, I woke up to a pounding headache and my eyes felt heavy. I touched them and I could feel them swollen. I held my head in my hand to relieve the pounding headache a little.

Sarah walked up to me with a glass of water and two pills of paraceta……