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Arsen Bathara, 28 years old, the powerful mafia in the underworld. He visited his father's island to make that place as his bussiness field.

In the middle of his trip, he met with an unconscious man who suffered severe injuries and he could be dying. One of his bodyguards found out who the man was and said his name was Lavi Arutala. The man was the one of his father's right-man hand. Lavi was also trusted to guard his father's quarters from enemies who often came to kill him.

Honestly Arsen never believed in love at first sight.

But ever since he saw Lavi, he immediately fell in love with the man's face, and wanted to have Lavi on his own satisfaction. On that point, he finally changed his original purpose of coming there into a mission to ask Lavi to be his servant.

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88. Welcome Back — END

"What happened?"

That was Lavi's first words since he woke up from his coma two hours ago.

Lavi was wearing a soft blue hospital gown, his hair was spread over his shoulders, and he still looked a little pale. Even so, his face did not lose the beautiful and gentle aura of good looks.

Arsen poured water and……