Afraid OF My Mate (Complete)

Artemis Vampire/Werewolf

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Lilith lost her pack when she was 10 years old to rogues, she has been trained for 8 years by her bestfriend blake who is a beta of the blood moon pack.Lilly is a skilled assassin now 18 years old she works for two unknown sources, they pay her to kill humans and rogues that threaten the blood moon pack or any pack, sources she has never met they keeps their identity secrete

What happens when one of her sources happen to be her mate the most feared alpha known, will he accept her or reject her. Can he pull her from her wild assassin ways or will he be next on the hit list.


Tags: WerewolfAlphaBDSMPossessiveSexArranged MarriagePlayboyDominantBadboyKinkyDrama
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Update on a Spin Off

Hey guys just wanted to let you know i started a spin off of this story call The Nerd and The Alpha Kings.

I know alot of people wanted a second story or a spin off so i finally got a spin off it wont be along, it does go on Bella's pov all the kids are grown up i will be going back to bellas childhood as it does play a part in her current……