The Fate of A Pendragon


Lily Pierce Fantasy

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The Titans and Ancients have fallen to the Wrath and War of the new Gods. Lily and Young have to take control of the new order before those who have been waiting for the opportunity to strike the weak points of the former flawed system come.
There's a new enemy approaching and she has her eyes fixed on the new King. Alliances are formed between the sons and daughters of the Ancients. Despite their differences, they must set aside their personal vendettas to defeat the threat heading straight for the heart of the new verse.
Time begins to tick for a twelve-year-old boy. Temps was born in a world made of love, alone and afraid. Even with his rough beginning, he wants nothing more than a home and family he can call his own. After Temps is attacked by a vicious pack of wolves, a lady with silver hair holds out her hand for him to take. She is the prettiest lady he has ever seen and he wants nothing more than to stay by her side forever.


Tags: darkprincessambitiousmythologysword-and-sorcerymultiverseanother worldbetrayalrebirth/reborndragons
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Mutiny Against The King

Pierce The Viel ft. Kellin Quinn- King For A Day

    I am definitely showing a little. It's weird to think that I am creating a life inside of me right now. An insanely important one and not just because it's my baby. Temps is sitting on the couch doing homework with Rose. The two of them decided to come to stay with me. Rose is ……


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