Her Cruel Fate

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(Caution -: Conta 21+ mature content and violence)

"Woman you really know, how to trigger me. Don't you know I am, Asher Lawrence." He was one of the most notorious and sexy man in the mafia. He was the son of,James Lawrence. Who was the leader of the mafia. He came to India, as to marry the daughter of the Kapoor's. Who was the daughter of the Indian mafia leader, Samrat Kapoor. Asher only hate one thing the most and that is betrayal. She cried and begged him to let her go. "No please don't, I have not committed anything wrong.I was also f****d to do this." She cried and pleaded him but he was not interested in her pleading. "So,that now you have become Mrs Lawrence, you now have to also perform the duty of a wife and never forget that I am born to f**k not to love.Welcome to your living hell, Mrs Lawrence." Said Asher in a ice cold tone, while grabbing her hairs. Let's see how this one marriage, made the life of Gina kapoor a living hell and why she is the one who is paying for someone else mistake.


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