His Cat Boy(MxM)

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Kellan Lutz’s house was on fire at his last life. In order to save his elder brother, his parents forgot him in that fire.
When he woke up, he found himself time-traveled to a strange planet 5000 years later.
Kellan had picked up a kitten. He cooked cat food and made cat toys for it, raised it up happily.
He fantasized that the kitten could warm his hands at day and warm his bed at night.
However, with time gone by, the kitten began to rebel,
“Have you touched me enough yet? It’s my turn now.”


Tags: ArrogantDominantSweetBxB
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Chapter 40

Kellen was startled. His breath became disordered immediately. He walked one step backward and locked his back waist tightly against the table corner, forcing himself to calm down with the pain, “I just...saw them somewhere before.”

“Is that so?” Cam squinted his eyes and bent down to look at Kellen, “What about the sister?” He ……