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~ Brandon x Landon ~

Your tears don't hurt us much. So cry me a river, but don't cry too much you will break our hearts.

~ Mia ~

Me loving you destroys everything I believe in, my principal's and pride as well.

Have you ever thought what one's life would be if their fate wasn't decided by the goddess?, everything would be very different, one would get the chance to decide what path to take and who to love, sadly that wasn't the case for me, my fate was already sealed the day I was born a Werewolf.

The fact that I was born an omega meant that I was below the high ups. My purpose was to serve and please them as they wanted.

I was never to look them in the eye or answer them back unless ordered to, one of my duties was to spread my legs for the alphas and let them breed me as they saw fit until I could produce them pups as many as they wanted, after that, that's when I would be given the freedom I longed for.

That was an omega's fate in our pack, the stupid rule was created by our ancestor who was the original and first Werewolf to ever talk directly to the moon goddess, according to legend the asshole did that because he saw how omegas were very submissive and fertile, he noticed how Alphas became calmer and possessive over omegas, he figured that an alpha with an omega was much prosperous and calmer than one without.


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15. Boyfriends

                 Brandon's p.o.v

I walked into my office with a headache, I was feeling very exhausted.

The door opened and Landon walked in. He looked slightly pale.

"You couldn't sleep too?" He asked huskily.